Highlights from the collection include:

  1. WWII 1943 M8 Greyhound armored car
  3. 1942 WLA Harley motorcycle
  4. WWII German BMW motorcycle with side car
  5. WWII 1943 Cushman Airborne scooter
  6. WWII 1943 GPW jeep mounted with a 30 caliber machine gun
  7. WWII 1941 International Marmon Herrington Tractor and Fruhauf Command Post Trailer
  8. WWII Higgins boat
  9. Vietnam era 1965 Huey Helicopter,
  10. Band of Brothers movie prop jacket,
  11. Large diorama of a WWII battle scene in France
  12. Weaponry, uniforms, pins, patches, reconnaissance maps, letters, newspaper articles and much, much  more.

The Road to Victory Military Museum employs historical material including artifacts (such as military issued equipment and personal effects), personal histories (oral, video and written) and images (still and moving) from all modern eras of war. All of the artifacts and images seen on this site are from the museum's permanent collection.

We welcome all donations of historical items of interest relevant to the mission of the museum. This may include military vehicles, uniforms, weaponry, relics, displays, dioramas, newspapers, documents, pins, patches etc. All types of contributions are of great benefit to the museum. Your contribution whether it is an outright donation, permanent loan or temporary loan will be greatly appreciated, maintained and cared for.

And since we are a not for profit organization your contribution will be properly acknowledged. If you are interested in making a contribution please contact us.